Don’t just think about creating – move your hands!

At some point, as creatives, we have to put brush to paper or word to paper. I find myself ‘thinking’ about what I am going to do but acting on those thoughts seem to take a back seat. I firmly believe that what we focus on expands but, at some point, taking action on those thoughts is what is most important. After all, if I spend all day thinking about what I’m going to paint – well, the painting never gets started.

What is the biggest hurdle to taking action? Usually, for me, it’s the thought of messing up or ending up with something less than pleasing – I would never think that one of my creations is perfect (whose is?) so I doubt that perfection ever enters my mind when painting. It does in other areas of my creative palette – like graphic design or crafting with thread or paper. I have a real problem with wanting things to turn out perfectly then. But painting? Nah – I know I haven’t reached any level of proficiency with painting to expect perfection.

What holds you back? Think about it then let it go – dig in, get messy and move your hands!

Your elusive creative spirit

Years ago a colleague gave me a book that held my fascination for some time. It was Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. It was from this book I learned the importance of making (and keeping) an “artist date” with myself at least every two weeks. It also affirmed the significance…

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5 Tips for staying motivated this spring

I have to admit it is hard to get motivated to sit and write (or anything else, for that matter) when spring comes. Ah. The beautiful scenery, warmer weather and urge to get up and go anywhere but work makes it challenging. See that beautiful beach scene above? I live on an island and I…

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