My Story

Hello there, and welcome

Somewhere in the middle of  playing with paper, glue, paints and myriads of book binding supplies, needles and threads, Creative Dharma emerged to journal my path.  Part of that path is noticing we are all creative beings looking for a way to express ourselves and that life can be beautiful and complicated and filled with uncontrollable creative impulses. Curious, we scratch every surface to excavate the gifts we are destined to give – and receive.

The big mistake is to wait for inspiration. It won’t come looking for you. It’s not so much creating something, it’s noticing when something is starting to happen.  – Brian Eno

As I have embraced this path – this Dharma – I am encouraged and have begun to create a life I love that loves me back. If we open to all that Creativity has to offer with passion, a sense of adventure and acceptance, we become aware of the endless possibilities and realize that what we are searching for has been looking for us all along – just waiting for us to show up.


My name is Pamela and I am an artist, reluctant maven, co-creator of three amazing kids and, like you, best used before the expiration date. I delve into many joyful aspects of life as a graphic designer, ardent crafter, member of the growing indie-entrepreneurs and a grateful, creative being walking around in this abundant Universe.

many interests  =  many work experiences

I have 25+  years experience in graphic design (want to see my Addys?) and, after years of brainstorming with clients and designing their branding and managing their marketing, I settled into a freelance career that has lasted well over 15 years.

I have a degree in fine art from Mercer University and have taught art and graphic design at the high school level in an inner city public school. It was the best and worst job I ever had the pleasure of experiencing.   The students were complex and amazing and ended up teaching me as much as I taught them. To say my life and understanding of it deepened during those years would be an understatement.

I also have a degree in the fine art of nursing and have worked with adult mental health patients and others dealing with addiction issues. At some point I realized nursing is a lot like teaching and reveled in those “teachable moments” when you could see a patient’s – or student’s – eyes light up with recognition of something new they could relate to.  Magical moments.

join me

I would love to share some of the discoveries I have made so far about living a creative life and, more importantly, I would love to get to know you and hear about some of your adventures. In either event, be sure and subscribe to the updates of new posts and creative ventures here.  I’d love to have you along as company. And if we happen to learn something new about each other and this amazing Universe we are privileged to be in, then all the better. Again, welcome!

unsexy legal stuff

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