Amelia Island = (much needed) lovely retreat

Ever since I was a little girl my family vacationed in Florida. Soft breezes, the sound of the ocean, sea gulls flying above, the sun on my skin, children laughing as they jump waves, sand, shells and long walks with my mother and sister – these are the things that beckon me to relax, ease up, let everything go for a while.

I’m fortunate that, after deciding ‘enough is enough’, my mother moved to the shore of beautiful and very secluded Amelia Island. It’s so peaceful and quiet there – a retreat from, well, everything.

I think that, as creative beings seeking to support ourselves by always working toward a vision, we need to be especially mindful when it’s time to take a break – without guilt or regret.

What’s the rush? If you’ve given yourself permission to chase your dreams, then why is it so hard to give yourself permission to just be?
– Nikki Rowe

Taking side trips, like the one my mother took me on to downtown Fernandina (photo above), can be a source of unexpected inspiration. This small town’s buildings are filled with unique shops and art galleries – something I would have missed without my mother’s encouragement.

After exploring all the shops, returning to the beach that afternoon to watch the small sand pipers scurry in and out with the waves on the shore, was a reminder that I don’t need to hurry as they do – there’s always an abundance of work to do when I get home. Retreats are for resting, renewing and for just being.

So, tell me, dear Ones – where do you relax and retreat to when given the chance?

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