The Atomic Age = Beauty and the Bomb

My car died. My car is dead and now I have to find a new one that I like – an odious task since, well, I don’t particularly like cars – especially the automobiles made since, oh, the 70s. They’re all plastic and fall apart and are expensive – not like the cars of the, say, 50s or 60s. Now, those were real machines.

Speaking of the 50s, I  took a recent trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and discovered the retro-joys of The Cabana Bay Beach Resort. Talk about a perfect example of recreating the look and feel of the 1950s – I was in pure bliss with all the eye candy. The colors, the signage and everything right down to the room keys were spot-on Atomic Age – referring to the time when scientists were developing atomic energy and how it could be harnessed as an alternative power source. Back then it was believed that all power sources would eventually be atomic, replacing the traditional coal and oil. Instead, the technology turned to bombs and defense and, well, we all know how that turned out…

Oh, but the design elements that came out of that era! The colors, the shapes and, since everything old is new again, all of those elements are making a big come-back.



Looking like a vacation set right out of the television series Mad Men, everywhere I turned there was some element of 1950s delight. I loved the tile murals and look at the neon on the Swizzle Lounge sign!


If I could just move to Orlando, I would find a way to hang out at this resort daily, just for the ambiance – I could grab a meal, sit at the Swizzle Lounge or go bowling. Yes! They have a bowling alley!



But, back to the car… the photo above is a 1950s Ford Fairlane, the quintessential Atomic Age car complete with white wall tires and fuzzy dice dangling from the rearview mirror. And when I say “they don’t build them like that anymore,” I’m not just referring to the style – I’m talking about all metal, no plastic.

So, as I continue my search for my next car, you can bet I’ll be checking the papers for restored vintage cars. They’re probably pricier than new ones, but, OH! the style…

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