There is no such thing as instant expertise

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be able to knit socks – don’t ask why – it’s just one of those wouldn’t-that-be-cool things I get attached to. I actually went so far as to purchase all the supplies, buy books, watch numerous videos and ask friends with knitting acuity for advice in an attempt to make this dream come true. After all, I love to crochet and am actually pretty good at it – I find it relaxing and fun. Knitting? Uh, not so much. And, after many attempts at even the most basic knitting stitch, I quit – frustrated with myself and wondering “What in the world is wrong with me that I can’t do this?”

The truth is: I really didn’t give myself a break on what is commonly known as “the learning curve” – and, believe me, there is quite a learning curve in the world of knitting.

Just keep at it

In this day of instant gratification, it’s no surprise that frustration runs high when something doesn’t take off immediately – whether it’s learning a new craft, developing a new relationship, opening a new business or any other myriad of new beginnings. It takes persistence, patience and a willing spirit.

I remember a time when I designed an event poster for a client. He was in a rush and so I turned it out as fast as I could for him. He was impressed with the quick turn around and said, “Wow – that was fast. Exactly how long did that take?” My response was “Twenty years and two hours.”

Indeed. When you have been practicing something for a while – honing your skill, developing your craft – the rewards come quicker – and easier. Just by keeping at it, continuing to practice and having some patience – proficiency is the reward.

Slow & steady

And so my attempts at knitting are quite clumsy and slow but I am sticking with it – if only for this one single knitted item which I will, of course, wear with great pride.

Photograph/graphic: Mine
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