5 Tips for staying motivated this spring

I have to admit it is hard to get motivated to sit and write (or anything else, for that matter) when spring comes. Ah. The beautiful scenery, warmer weather and urge to get up and go anywhere but work makes it challenging. See that beautiful beach scene above? I live on an island and I can tell you – I struggle to stay off the beach and at my computer when warm winds blow. Here are some suggestions to get you over the hump while enjoying the new season:

Get up and out!

Instead of sitting at your desk and wishing you could enjoy the sunshine – just do it! A brief walk outside or a lunch at an outdoor cafe will boost your morale and encourage productivity while allowing you to breathe in the spring air.

Tidy and Declutter

Take some time to straighten your work area or desk. Tidying your space will give you perspective and might inspire some new ideas for that project. Throw out anything that is cluttering your space and put a small vase of spring flowers in its place – even if it just a few sprigs of greenery from your garden or yard.

Unblock your chi

Yes. You read that correctly – your chi is your breath, your life force. Breathe deeply and sit up straight while doing it. Imagine breathing in energy and exhaling bad thoughts. Your energy (and your mood) will improve.

Take ten

Take breaks – at least 10 minutes each – throughout your day. Stepping away from even your most odious task will improve your mood. Stand in a sunny place or take off your shoes and stand in the grass. And finally –

Consider the future

Know that any project or task will eventually come to an end. Reward yourself by thinking of something you would like to do – walk on the beach (that would be me!), get together with friends, plan a vacation, take a shopping trip to your favorite mall. Having something to look forward to is one of the greatest motivators I know.

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