DIY: Crepe paper flowers

I started making paper flowers to embellish gift wrapping, but soon became infatuated with the process of making different kinds of flowers and garlands. I have given bouquets as gifts to brides-to-be for use at their wedding rehearsals and to friends for all different occasions – birthdays, anniversaries and even baby showers. I’m not so interested in making them look too real – after all, they are paper and not intended to replace the real thing.

Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, I will tell you how I learned to make these delightful bouquets: watching videos and searching for tutorials online and on Pinterest.

Martha Stewart Crafts has a really good tutorial on making paper flowers, but some of the best instruction are by crafter/blogger Lia Griffith. Watch the video from Lia below for instructions on making roses, and be sure and visit her site for making all different kinds of flowers and garlands.

Try your hand at making these flowers but, watch out, you’ll soon be up to your elbows in crepe paper and requests! See a list of supplies and links to some pretty awesome resources for crepe paper or visit your local craft store. Have fun!




+ A variety of colored crepe paper (don’t forget green!)
+ Floral tape
+ Floral wire (for the stems) – not on a roll
+ Floral stamens (or you can make your own with crepe paper)
+ Scissors
+ Patience!

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