Start over if you must

A few days ago my websites began to mysteriously disappear one by one. On investigation, I found that my hosting company had shut them down for my “violating the Terms of Service” and allowing malware to run rampant through the server. Upon further investigation, it turned out to be a suspected problem on their end, but by then I was disgusted with the whole thing and closed my account – abandoning the websites I had labored on so hard.

Now, this is not an action I would recommend for just anyone but, as a graphic designer and sole proprietor of those sites, I didn’t see starting over as an issue. In fact, I was relieved. The websites no longer excited me and I was caught up in the minutia of coding and details, spending less time on content and direction.


So, I found a new hosting company, redirected my domains and took off again with renewed interest and vigor – relishing the challenge of redesigning and redirecting. But, that is just the beginning.

Instead of tackling the task of designing my own site, I found this lovely design/couple who have a design business – Seven Station –  who knew exactly what I was looking for: simple, clean and glitch-free. Ahh. What a revelation! What a relief! Thank you, Brittni and Mike!

So, that’s where I am – developing content and relishing the time I have to create and write, releasing the notion that I have to design/code my own site. I can do it – I just no longer want to.

 Your technique is really good. I think your form and content will improve with time. So, best I can tell, young lady, you just landed yourself a *job.

– Truvy, Steel Magnolias

You can change the word *job to *blog and now I feel I do have more time to improve form and content. And the lesson I’ve learned on this diverted path? Have no attachment – just begin. Again.

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  • Just wanted to say that we love what you’ve done with your new site! It’s so unfortunate that you had such a bad experience with your previous hosting provider, but it sounds like it was great opportunity to start fresh. Your logo looks awesome and the customizations you’ve made are lovely. Looking forward to following along 🙂

    • Ah, thanks, you two! I’ve never had a site I couldn’t stop looking at. Your theme design is impeccable – I’m so proud to have it as Creative Dharma’s new home.