Your elusive creative spirit

Years ago a colleague gave me a book that held my fascination for some time. It was Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. It was from this book I learned the importance of making (and keeping) an “artist date” with myself at least every two weeks. It also affirmed the significance of having a creative outlet in my life.

Some days though the creative spirit is very elusive and I will spend way too much time staring at a blank page or screen – the body is willing but the spirit is somewhere else riding a pony or skipping in the sunshine or, worse, visiting with someone else. I suppose that is where my mother’s saying comes from when I ask her if she is working on a project or sewing or creating something we have talked about. She’ll look at me and say, “No, the spirit hasn’t struck me to do that yet – I’ll wait until I’m in the mood”. She’s 93 years young and is still creating – I hope I have her energy when I’m that age. I also pray I will have her patience to wait until the spirit moves me instead of forcing something, anything to happen.

“No, the spirit hasn’t struck me to do that yet — I will wait until I am in the mood.”
~ My Mom

And, while I am on the subject of inspiration and creativity, I hope that you will watch the video of Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED Talk –  she inspires me almost daily. Another great read is authored by her – and is sure to encourage to let go of needless frustration and embrace your curiosity instead. Her book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear is fast becoming a treasured favorite and is currently on my bedside table.

I still make artist dates with myself (and others) and, occasionally, when my brain is just too full, I resort to “brain dumping” – a sort of frenetic journaling of any and everything that pops into my head. It clears my mind and, sometimes, reveals the deep root of why I feel so overwhelmed or stuck.

So don’t get become disheartened when your creative spirit is somewhere else instead of there with you, urging you on, inspiring you. Take up a good book or go for a walk. Most likely it will be there when you return.

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